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Historical characters Umbria

Messalina (Santa). Virgin and martyr of Foligno (died 253). Born to a noble family in 235, was a disciple of St. Feliciano. He lived in perpetual virginity and drilled in prayer, in good works, piety and mercy. In 252 went to Foligno l 'emperor Decius, winners of the Persians and there stood a while forbidding Christian worship. Many faithful left San Feliciano, who was taken and imprisoned. Every day, Messalina, defying the danger, went by him with food. Surprised by jailers, was asked to sacrifice to the gods. When he refused, he was brutally beaten and scourged, while genuflessa, with eyes fixed to the sky, supported the long martyrdom, until death. January 18 was 253. It was the first martyr Foligno. The body was secretly hidden in the church palate (later Cathedral of St. Feliciano). It kept her hair. After much research, in 1599 the relics were found in a sarcophagus, with the inscription: Hic subtus IACET corpus sanctae Messalinae. At the opening of the box followed many miracles and celebrations. The devotion for this saint was always living in Umbria (Iacobilli 1 / 120). Ytrewq 1748
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